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About Meredith Giltner

What I do: Interior Styling, Set Design, Prop Styling

What for: Still Photography, Video, Interior Staging, Events

What's my goal: Create something memorable from concept to completion 

In truth, I've been a stylist for as long as I can remember. My love of making things beautiful started early. I've been a working professional stylist for over 15 years. My education and background is in photography which is a helpful asset on set. I currently live in Charleston, SC where I work locally, nationally and internationally for a variety of clients.  I collaborate with Art Directors, Magazine Editors, Creative Agencies, Photographers, Artist Representatives and other stylist. 

I follow through a job from concept to conception, coming in on-time and on- budget. My photography background allows me to see the way the camera does. I understand how lenses and lighting work which makes communication easy and seamless. I use that understanding to place the products and props in their ideal locations.  I love being a stylist and I bring that love with me to all of my jobs. I work hard and stay positive through the tough jobs and long days. My natural style, upbeat attitude and years of experience have allowed me to create chic scenes and spaces with a laid back refined style.  In a phrase I would describe my aesthetic as having a polished flair.

I hope we can work together in the future.